Fun illusions for all the children

What child doesn't like magic? At my party shows, they can enjoy watching my amazing magic tricks and even have a go themselves - I will need some help along the way. In addition, each helper gets their own 'magician assistant certificate' to take home.


If you're planning a truly magical birthday party, just give me a ring.

Meet my helpers

Children can also meet my puppet assistants - Scruffy the dog and the very naughty puppy Ben who keeps popping out of his basket. They help me to come up with different ideas for my magic shows so no two are the same - although I will always take special requests if I'm asked.

What about the adults?

Why let the children have all the fun? I also have shows that will entertain a more mature audience featuring amazing tricks to keep everyone baffled. Expect participation, fun, banter and lots of laughter so your birthday party goes with a swing.  


Everyone whatever their age likes to feel special on their birthday, so whether you're 4 or 40, I can make your birthday celebration truly magical.

Enjoy a magical birthday

Magician Chris Davison performing a magic trick for a little girl

Shows and fun for all ages